Dear Parents,

Season’s Greetings,

Learning Is Never Ending Phenomenon. Education, As I believe is not confined to only assimilation of knowledge. knowledge without purpose and education without aim is futile. Krishna Public School, the flagship institution run by Krishna Shikshan and Sodha Sansthan is in existence since 2016 with a mission to serve the needs of the community by directing our efforts towards the benefit and education of our children. We aim to assist the students to become intellectually adept, thoughtful, and responsible contributors to the wider society. This is achieved by instilling our age old values such as accepting diversity, respecting the individual, and working together while following the rigorous Common Core Standards of the most modern education systems envisaged by Activity Based Education RBSE . KPS not only works to develop a student body with strong academic skills, but also guides them to become young individuals of sound character. As a new generation school, we achieve this aim by providing them with high and modern standards of academic program while facilitating life skills such as perseverance and cooperation through our pedagogy. You are welcome to explore our school not only to discover what we offer in academic excellence, but also what we provide to build qualified individuals who will successfully overcome the future challenges of the world. The administrators and teaching staff of Krishna Public School are proud to be professional, compassionate and qualified persons who are always willing to render assistance whenever help is needed.

“ The great thing in this world is not so much where We stand , as in what direction we are moving.”

Wishing good luck


Mr. Harish Sharma