School Rules

General Rules of the School

  1. The students should arrive at the school only around five minutes before the call-bell is rung.
  2. Speaking in English is Compulsory in the School Campus.
  3. School Diary Must be brought to the School every day.
  4. Always wear neat and Clean Uniform, Polished Shoes & Sweater in Winter season.
  5. Do not use any foul Language.
  6. Do not Shout in the School Campus.
  7. Walk in line and discipline while moving from one class to another.
  8. Students Can Distribute only Sweets & Chocolates on Birthday.
  9. Do not litter in the School campus and its surroundings.
  10. Obey the teachers and school staff always.
  11. No child is permitted to leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal. Such permission will be granted only on the specific request of the parents in writing.
  12. The students are not allowed to bring any kind of valuables like cell phones, electronic gadgets, cameras, transistors, precious coins, stones or any item of Jewellery like chain, rings, etc, to the school. The School will not be responsible for loss of any such article if brought by the students.
  13. Follow the rules and regulations of the school regularly.

Notes:- Holidays will be as per the notification given in the diary. In Case of any change, a circular in this regard will be issued.